Norway withstood the pressure – storms towards a quarterfinal

Norway, one of the big favorites in the World Championship, faced a determined Slovenia on Friday night. However, the Norwegian team withstood the pressure and remain undefeated.

The match started evenly, at 6–6 after the first quarter. Norway then took control and established a clear gap between the teams. Camilla Herrem and Stine Oftedal were decisive for Norway’s lead at the break.

In the second half, Norway extended their lead further and Serbia had a hard time stopping the Norwegian scoring trend. Serbia scored just five goals in the opening quarter of the second half, making it challenging to close the gap.

With fifteen minutes left in the match, Norway led 27–17, a lead that Serbia was unable to overcome. Thorir Hergeirsson played almost around the entire squad, which showed the breadth of Hergeirsson’s team. When the final whistle went, Norway’s victory was a fact.

Slovenia–Norway 21–34 (12–17)

Women’s World Championship, 8 dec:
Austria–Angola 25–30 (14–16)
Brazil–Argentina 33–19 (16–7)
Czechia–Spain 30–22 (13–9)
Korea–France 22–32 (12–17)
Ukraine–Netherlands 21–40 (8–19)