3 things we learned this week: “Croatia is rolling, chaos in Györi & Olympic teams”

Croatia is rolling right now, chaos in Györi, and now we know which men’s teams will compete during the 2024 Olympics – that is 3 things we learned this week.

Croatia is rolling again

Dagur Sigurdsson. Photo: Christoffer Borg Mattisson / BILDBYRÅN.

After a few years where the results not have gone Croatia’s way, maybe Hrvatska has turned it around. During the 2024 Euros, they looked interesting before Ivan Martinovic got injured. During the Olympic qualification, the right back returned to the team and was one of the big reasons why Croatia impressed all the way. And you safely say that Dagur Sigurdsson got a perfect start as the new head coach.

Can Croatia be considered a dark horse during the Olympics? If they can avoid injuries on important players, then there is no doubt in my mind about that.

Chaos in Györi

Ulrik Kirkely Foto: Michael Erichsen / BILDBYRÅN

Györi has not had a perfect season. Far from it. No domestic cup title and probably not a league title either. Their biggest remaining hope is the Champions League, where they have done well all season long. But in Györi finishing second in the league is not good enough. Losing games here and there is not enough. And that’s why the Hungarian powerhouse decided to sack Danish head coach Ulrik Kirkely this week.

Maybe this was just what the players of Györi needed and now they can turn the season around. But maybe this was the final nail in the coffin during this tough season for the Hungarians.

Here are the Olympic men’s teams

Jorge Maqueda. Photo: Johanna Lundberg / BILDBYRÅN

During the weekend the men’s Olympic qualification took place in 3 different countries. And now we know which teams will compete in France this summer. France, Denmark, Sweden, Argentina, Japan, and Egypt were already qualified. Now we know that Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Norway, and Hungary will join them. What a tournament we can look forward to!