EL: Sporting stuns Berlin after Costa masterclass

Sporting needed something special in the second half against Berlin. And something special they got. Martim Costa put up a staggering 10 goals and a last-second winner to complete a huge comeback against the Bundesliga leaders, Füchse Berlin.

It seemed the Germans, once again, would walk away victorious with a comfortable seven goal lead at halftime. But Martim Costa had other plans. And with his help, Sporting were right back in the game just nine minutes in the second half.

With neither of two teams willing to let go, it took a wonder goal from Martim Costa with eight seconds left to complete the comeback. Both teams have after yesterday’s matches secured their places in the playoffs.

Rhein-Neckar Löwen bounced back after seven losses in a row in a much needed victory against Hannover. After a tough first halftime, the wing duo of Tobias Reichmann and David More, took maters into their hands to make sure they got their win.


Nantes–G. Zabrze 31–23 (17–11)

Rhein-Neckar Löwen–Hannover-Burgdorf 27–26 (11–13)

IK Sävehof–Skjern 27–29 (12–13)

RK Gorenje–Nexe 27–27 (15–13)

Bjerringbro-Silkeborg–Kadetten 36–30 (17-15)

Vojvodina–Flensburg 26–36 (13–14)

Dinamo București–CSM Constanta 33–23 (16–10)

Füsche Berlin–Sporting 31–32 (19–13)