List: The best right backs at the 2024 European Championship

The 2024 European Championship is getting closer and in a series of articles Ola Selby, reporter at GoHandball, picks his 5 best players at each position. Next up: the right backs.

Here are the players:

Mathias Gidsel, Denmark

Mathias Gidsel of Denmark. Photo: Emma Wallskog / BILDBYRÅN

The right back position has overtaken left backs as the position in handball with the most skillful players. At least at the very top. And Gidsel is the best one of them all. At least he has been so this season. Unstoppable.

Dika Mem, France

One of the three best players in the world this season. When Mem decides to have a great him he is so above everyone else that it’s ridiculous.

Alex Dujshebaev, Spain

Alex Dujshebaev of Spain. Photo: Jesper Zerman / BILDBYRÅN

Should Dujshebaev be considered as great as Gidsel and Mem? Almost, but not quite. Everyone knows what he can do, but I don’t think he is as great as the Dane and the Frenchmen. But a fantastic handball player, no doubt.

Omar Ingi Magnusson, Iceland

Omar Ingi Magnusson of Iceland. Photo: Michael Erichsen / BILDBYRÅN

During the World Championship a year ago Magnusson was not himself. And after that, he struggled to find his best form again, but now he seems to be back. During December the right back dominated in the Bundesliga and no Iceland can look forward to having one of their most important players in top shape again.

Magnus Abelvik Rød

Magnus Abelvik Rød of Norway. Photo: Joel Marklund / BILDBYRÅN

Moved back home to Norway this season and has, even though he still gets injured a lot, been incredible for Kolstad. When he is at his best this is a top player. A complete player that needs to stay healthy this championship for Norway to compete for a medal.