Here is the All-Star team

Yesterday, the European Championship concluded, with France ultimately claiming the title of European champions. The European Handball Federation has announced an All-Star team.

The All-Star team is determined by 40 percent from the fans’ votes and 60 percent from an expert panel. The latter also has the responsibility of selecting the Most Valuable Player (MVP). Below is a list of the All-Star team:

Goalkeeper: Andreas Wolff, Germany
Left wing: Hampus Wanne, Sweden
Left back: Martim Costa, Portugal
Centre back: Juri Knorr, Germany
Right back: Mathias Gidsel, Denmark
Right wing: Robert Weber, Austria
Line player: Ludovic Fabregas, France
Defender: Magnus Saugstrup, Denmark
MVP: Nedim Remili, France

Source: EHF