EC: Premiere success for the Nordic giants

The nordic match-ups of the evening games of day two turned into full marks. Sweden managed to control Bosnia and Hercegovina and Denmark was considerably better in the second half to overcome Czechia. Also, Norway beat Poland.

The reigning champion, Sweden had to rely on Jim Gottfridsson distributing qualities and solid saves to gain momentum against Bosnia and Hercegovina. Far from an impressive performance overall, the opponent was still asking questions half-way after the break when in 5–0-run with Lukas Sandell´s determination and Hampus Wannes speed resources was unstoppable.

Sweden won by nine (29–20) in the end, the same margin separated Denmark from Czechia. The final score, 23–14 revealed a lot of the key to success with Emil Nielsen (72 percent saves) between the posts as a true match winner. Czechia´s keeper, Tomas Mrkva had a huge say in the equal standing at half-time and there were some tactical lessons to be received when Xavier Sabate´s underdog shook up the huge favourite for more then 30 minutes.

Norway completed the Scandinavian dominance among the late games. Sander Sagosen reacted the first position in the score sheet, closely followed by Magnus Abelvik Rød to erase Poland´s hope by eleven goals.

Norway–Poland 32–21 (15–10)
–Czechia 23–14 (9–9)
Sweden–Bosnia and Herzegovina 29–20 (14–7)