Charles Bolzinger was brilliant in goal when GOG was defeated

Charles Bolzinger played a significant role when his Montpellier defeated GOG with a score of 36–25. GOG couldn’t match the level, allowing Montpellier to pull ahead.

GOG didn’t get off to a good start and immediately fell behind. Charles Bolzinger in Montpellier’s goal began the match at a high level and was a contributing factor to their early lead. However, GOG started to find a way through the French defence and Emil Madsen brought GOG back into the game.

It was a strong first half from the hosts, whose fast and fluid play is making life difficult for GOG. Lucas Pellas’ goals in the offensive, combined with saves from Charles Bolzinger in the defensive, allowed Montpellier to go into halftime with the lead.

GOG had a similar start to the first half and couldn’t get their game going. They played seven-on-six for one period but were punished when the ball was thrown into an open goal. Charles Bolzinger continued to save shots, and Montpellier extended their lead further. With ten minutes left, the score was 31–22, and it seemed likely that GOG would leave without any points. In the offensive, Lucas Pellas stood out. The wing player was confident in his finishes, scoring eight times out of his nine attempts. But it was Charles Bolzinger who’s the real match-winner for Montpellier. The goalkeeper delivered an incredibly strong performance, saving 18 shots from 42.

Montpellier–GOG 36–25 (16–13)

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