Claar carries Magdeburg to another win after late drama

Magdeburg was chasing the league lead – but had big problems in the home meeting with Gummersbach.
In the end, however, Bennet Wiegert’s team was able to hold off and win 32–30, thanks in large part to Felix Claar’s ten goals.

Magdeburg had a good start to the match and took an early lead after good play from Omar Ingi Magnússon. It was also the home team that was able to go to the halftime break in the lead with 18–16.

However, in the second half the Gummersbach players played precariously and by the middle of the second half the visitors had played themselves up and were actually in the lead by 23-20 and then good advice was expensive for a closely chasing Magdeburg.

But the match would turn around again and Magdeburg, and above all Felix Claar, played themselves up in the final quarter.

Led by Claar’s ten goals, Magdeburg was finally able to hold off and win 32–30, which means they move up to the league lead – ahead of Füchse Berlin.

Magdeburg–Gummersbach 32–30 (18–16)