Kielce’s historic streak crushed in the Holy War

The streak has been broken. Wisla Plock managed to crush KS Kielce’s 189-game winning streak after a dramatic ending to the “Holy War”.

Going in to the game against Wisla Plock KS Kielce had racked up 189 straight home wins in the polish league and the head coach Talant Dujshebaev were jet to lose a home game during his ten-year stint in the club.

But in the game that has been called the “Holy War” against Wisla Plock, it was the guest that got off to the better start. After tje first half it was Plock that were in the lead by 15–11.

During the second half Kielce managed to narrow the gap and heading in to the last possession of the game, Kielce were even (28–28).

But up stepped Michal Daszek for his Wisla Plock, and the polish international were calm and composed when he got the opportunity. Daszek’s goal would prove to be the last of the game and the Plock-players could celebrate in front of their rival’s fans.

Despite the historic result the game will also be remembered for the extremely physical play. In total four red cards and 19 two-minute suspensions.

KS Kielce–Wisla Plock 28–29 (11–15)