Main Round action starting Thursday in Gothenburg and Herning

Can any team catch up with Montenegro, Sweden, Denmark or Germany before the quarterfinal tickets are awarded? The question will be answered in group I and III of the Main Round in the World Championship.

IHF have released the schedule for the two last groups going into the next phase of the WC. Both host countries, Denmark and Sweden have started strong gathering maximum points with Germany and Montenegro as close competitors for first place.

Top two from each Main Round group will advance to the quarterfinals.

Main round – Group I (in Gothenburg)

Thursday, 7 December
Group I
(15:30) Montenegro – Croatia
(18:00) Senegal – Hungary
(20:30) Sweden – Cameroon

Group III (in Herning)
(15:30) Serbia – Poland
(18:00) Germany – Romania
(20:30) Denmark – Japan

Saturday, 9 December
Group I
(15:30) Senegal – Montenegro
(18:00) Croatia – Cameroon
(20:30) Hungary – Sweden

Group III
(15:30) Romania – Japan
(18:00) Serbia – Germany
(20:30) Poland – Denmark

Monday, 11 December
Group I
(15:30) Cameroon – Senegal
(18:00) Hungary – Croatia
(20:30) Montenegro – Sweden

Group III
(15:30) Japan – Serbia
(18:00) Poland – Romania
(20:30) Germany – Denmark

Group I: Montenegro & Sweden 4p, Hungary 2p, Croatia & Senegal 1p, Cameroon 0p.
Group II: Norway & France 4p, Slovenia & Austria 2p, Angola & South Korea 0p.
Group III: Denmark & Germany 4p, Romania & Poland 2p, Japan & Serbia 0p. 
Group IV: Netherlands & Spain 4p, Brazil & Czechia 2p, Argentina & Ukraine 0p.

Source: Denmark/Norway/Sweden 2023: Main Round And President’s Cup Schedule Revealed