Györ advance to Champions League final

A slow start didn’t deflate Györ´s fighting spirit and charging qualities. Team Esbjerg was soon behind in the semifinal and the green giant managed to cut off all comeback efforts until 23–24.

Esbjerg took the initiative early on and Györ called for a timeout after double goals from Nora Mørk in the board. Estelle Nze Minko powered thought as Györ opened up a much more back and forth-marked period, both teams found the net in combination with a few missed shots.

Esbjerg was affected hard by the turnovers, Nze Minko lobbed for a two-goal-advantage and Bruna de Paula extended the lead, 11–8. 

Sandra Toft repeated impressive saves towards the end of the first half. Henny Reistad contributed with one late goal for Esbjerg who trailed four goals behind at half-time.

Toft and the technical faults continued to lower Esbjerg´s esteem. The chasing team still gained some momentum with Michaela Møller´s breakthrough and Henny Reistad´s offensive energy. 

Penalty queen Mørk made it 18–20 with 13 minutes to go – could a game changer be possible?

Slowly but surely, Esbjerg closed the gap and Reistad pelted for 20–21. Only the equaliser seemed to remain, the golden opportunity occurred with three minutes to go but the long distance try failed. 

Toft stopped the second attempt and the time was not on Esbjerg´s side. Kari Brattset Dale finished to 22-24 on an attack with a lot of patience and Györ could start to embrace the final feel.

However, the keeper had to deal with a final twist. Gyor lost the ball after a timeout with only 16 seconds to go and Toft hindered the extra time hope.

Esbjerg has yet to win a final four match, Györ goes for a sixth club title in the final Sunday evening.

Team Esbjerg–Györi ETO KC 23–24 (9–13)