13-Year-Old travels from USA to Sweden without team – plays with Scots

Handball in the USA is growing, but the number of teams participating in the Partille World Cup is few. One boy who really wanted to play in this year’s event is 13-year-old Zeke Zimmy. The issue? His team from Detroit couldn’t participate. Now, Zeke is instead playing with the Scottish team Tryst HC.
– This is where I played my very first match and it’s very cool to close the circle as a coach, says his traveling partner and coach, Joey Williams.

When plans were being made for this summer’s Partille Cup in the USA, the intention was for Zeke Zimmy and his team from Detroit to participate. Unfortunately, the trip was cancelled due to too few registrations.

– This is the best youth handball tournament in the world, maybe the best youth tournament overall, so my goal was to send a team here, says Joey Williams, coach of the Detroit Handball Club.

Instead, Zeke Zimmy came here with his dad and Joey Williams. With a little help from contacts, the thirteen-year-old player managed to find a team to play for – the Scottish Tryst HC.

– It’s been going quite well so far. The physicality and the more advanced play make it harder. It’s been much more difficult to save shots, says Zeke Zimmy after two matches with the Scots.

Nine years ago, his coach Joey Williams played his first official match. Where? At Partille World Cup. Now Zeke has the opportunity to make the same journey. Despite the difference in level compared to the USA, the goalkeeper’s goal is clear.

– My goal is to make at least ten saves in a match, says Zeke.

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