Swedish Legendary Match in Halmstad to End the Handball Year

Two of Sweden’s biggest handball clubs, HK Drott and Redbergslids IK, will meet in a return match in the second highest division in Sweden, Allsvenskan, on December 30. In conjunction with the match, a new legendary match featuring players like Stefan Lövgren, Magnus Andersson, and Ljubomir Vranjes is set to take place, as announced by the organizer in a press release.

The Bengan Boys were largely composed of players from HK Drott and Redbergslids IK, and there are plenty of legends to choose from. When Drott and RIK face off in the Allsvenskan on December 30, it’s time for the legends to battle once again.

– It has been sold out a few times at Halmstad Arena, but the fastest sell-out was probably the Bengan Boys match in 2014, where Bengans’s national team legends faced TV4’s world team. The Halmstad audience likes nostalgia, so I hope and believe it will be a full house again, says Christian Albinsson, who, along with RIK legend Stefan Lövgren, initiated the event.

In RIK, it’s already confirmed that players like Lövgren, Ljubomir Vranjes, Peter Gentzel, and Henrik Lundström will participate. RIK’s hope is that Magnus Wislander will also don the RIK jersey once more.

In Drott, players like Jörgen Abrahamsson, Magnus Andersson, and Magnus Weberg will play. Drott hopes for more giants to join.

– Fan favorite Niclas Gonzalez is returning to Halmstad for the legendary match, and it’s exciting for those of us who grew up with him as an idol. It would also be nice to get Christian Zaharia here, who I believe is currently living in the USA, says Albinsson.

The date to mark is Saturday, December 30, and the legendary match will kick off at 14:00. It will be followed by the classic match in the Allsvenskan.