Media: Barcelona closing in on three players

Barcelona are closing in on signing three new players in the summer of 2025.
According to Spanish media Viktor Halgrimsson, Dani Fernández and Ludovic Fàbregas are all three positive about the move.

The Catalonians are looking at strengthen their squad, and according to Spanish media the main player in focus is the French pivot, Ludovic Fàbregas. The 27-year old played in Barcelona during 2018–2023 before leaving for Hungary and Telekom Veszprém. The frenchman has an impressive resume with the national team. One gold in the Euros, Olympics and the World Championship combine with multiple all-star team selections.

Fabregas is right now under contract with Veszprém but would be coming as a free transfer as it expires in the summer of 2025.

According to the information, Barcelona are also looking for improvement on left wing and in goal. Targets right now are the Icelandic goalkeeper Viktor Halgrimsson, right now at HBC Nantes, and the Spanish left wing Dani Fernández, who plays for Stuttgart. Both of them would be coming on a free transfer as their contract expires after next season.