List: The best pivots at the 2024 European Championship

The 2024 European Championship is getting closer and in a series of articles Ola Selby, reporter at GoHandball, picks his 5 best players at each position. Next up: Here are the pivots.

Here are the players:

Ludovic Fabregas, France

Pivot is one of the toughest positions to choose players for since there are so many great ones right now. But the most obvious choice of them all, not only at pivot but on all of these lists, is Fabregas. The best pivot in the world and a player that has no weaknesses.

Magnus Saugstrup, Denmark

Magnus Saugstrup of Denmark. Photo: Emma Wallskog / BILDBYRÅN

When Saugstrup got injured last season Magdeburg bought his replacement in Oscar Bergendahl and now, since Saugstrup has come back from injury, Magdeburg has maybe the best two-way pair on pivot in the world. Saugstrup is a great two-way player even though he is a bit sharper in defense.

Oscar Bergendahl, Sweden

Oscar Bergendahl of Sweden. Photo: Jesper Zerman / BILDBYRÅN

Speaking of Bergendahl, the Swede has shown great development over the past few years. Combines great strength with quick feet, making him one of the hardest players to go up against in the world.

Johannes Golla, Germany

Johannes Golla of Germany. Photo: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN

Bergendahl may be strong but I believe that Golla is even stronger, which is crazy to think of. The German captain can do it all and will need to do so during the Euros if Germany is to bring home a medal.

Kamil Syprzak, Poland

Kamil Syprzak of Poland. Photo: Armin Rauthner / BILDBYRÅN / COP 81 / AR0003

The 5th best goalscorer in the Champions League so far this season and that says it all considering the position the Pole plays at. Almost impossible to stop and great at using his length (207 centimeters) to his advantage.