Jonas Wille reveals Norway’s squad for EHF Euro 2024

Norway finished in fifth place in the previous European Championship. Now it is clear which players Jonas Wille has selected to represent Norway in EHF Euro 2024.

Head coach Jonas Wille has all players healthy and is looking forward to tackling his second championship as leader of the Norwegian national team.

– We are very much looking forward to a championship in Germany with a lot of people in the stands and great settings around the event. As of today, we have a squad with many fit players, and we have had the opportunity to select our players without too much injury trouble. Therefore, the selection process has been even more difficult this time. We choose to see that as positive for Norwegian men’s handball, says Jonas Will to the Norwegian Handball Federations website.

As usual, the Norwegian national team will prepare for the championship with a tournament. This time the Golden League is played in Denmark, where the opponents will be Denmark, the Netherlands and Egypt.

Norway’s squad for the European Championship 2024:

Kristian Sæverås, SC DHfK Leipzig Handball
Torbjørn Sittrup Bergerud, Kolstad Handball

Henrik Jakobsen, GOG Handboll
Petter Øverby, THW Kiel
Magnus Gullerud, Kolstad Handboll

Back players:
Vetle Eck Aga, Kolstad Handboll
Sander Sagosen, Kolstad Handboll
Sander Andreassen Øverjordet, Kolding
Erik Thorsteinsen Toft, KIF Kolding
Tobias Grøndahl, Elverum Handboll
Gøran Søgard Johannessen, Kolstad Handboll
Christian O’Sullivan, SC Magdeburg
Harald Magde Reinkindburg, THW Kiel
Simen Ulstad Lyse, Kolstad Handboll
Magnus Abelvik Röd, Kolstad Handboll

Sebastian Barthold, Aalborg Handboll
Kristian Bjørnsen, Aalborg Handboll
Kevin Maagerø Gulliksen, TTH Holstebro
Alexandre C. Blonz, GOG Handball