Media: Jim Gottfridsson might move to Pick Szeged

After ten solid seasons in SG Flensburg-Handewitt, Jim Gottfridsson could be up for a change of scenery in his succesful career. According to RTHandball Pick Szeged has made an agreement with the German club to buy Gottfridsson out of his current contract.

Gottfridsson´s standing as a rock in the Swedish national team and Flensburg is indisputable. In 2019 the German giant made sure to secure the playmaker until 2025.

RThandball´s sources now state that Pick Szeged is close to finalise a deal where Gottfridsson bring his resources to Hungary.

Szeged has an ongoing struggle with Telekom Veszprem for the throne in Hungary. After the confirmed coaching change, Michael Apelgren and Jonas Källman are in charge next season, a number of new profiles might join the squad.

As an example current centre backs Dean Bombac and Miguel Martins seem to be leaving during the summer, according to persistent rumours.

Source: RThandball