Positive news for Nikola Portner – doping suspension lifted

After a positive doping test with traces of methylamphetamine, Nikola Portner was temporarily suspended from handball. However, an investigation by the German league organization found no further evidence and the 30-year-old can now return to play next season.

Portner’s test result came as a shock right in the middle of the Swiss national team player and Madgeburg’s successful spring season. Instead of an awaited final four weekend in Cologne, a thorough review awaited and Portner was out of action for the rest of the season.

The Bundesliga has now announced the results of their investigation.

“Reports from independent and renowned doping experts obtained during the continued proceedings confirmed that the amount of the prohibited substance found in the athlete’s body was in such a low dose that active use and a performance-enhancing effect can be ruled out and that it was not intentional,” writes the league on its website.

A police investigation of Portner’s apartment did not lead to any findings that support methamphetamine consumption an the Bundesliga, in a unanimous decision, concluded that the case is closed and the temporary suspension is lifted.