Magdeburg’s undefeated streak is over – Hannover-Burgdorf with surprise win

After maintaining an unbeaten streak of 30 consecutive games, Bennet Weigert’s super team appeared unstoppable. However, Hannover-Burgdorf, led by Marius Steinhauser and his eleven goals and Simon Gade in goal, brought the streak to an end.

Bundesliga so far has been a two-horse race, Füsche Berlin versus Magdeburg. Everything seemed like the league would be decided when the two teams face off on March 10th.

But then came Sunday. Magdeburg travelled to face Hannover as heavy favorites but it was the home team that started best. After twelve minutes Magdeburg took the lead, much helped by Portner’s saves in goal. The away team could then pull away a little and led by four at half time.

At the start of the second half, nothing seemed to have changed as Magdeburg brought the lead up to six with 25 minutes remaining. But then Gade rose up. Save after save brought Hannover-Burgdorf closer and closer, and with less than one minute left to play, Hannover took the lead. Magdeburg managed to bring it level with 13 seconds remaining before Kulesh could score the winning goal only nine seconds later.

Gade finished the half with 11(!) saves on 20 shots and 41 procent in total. Magdeburg is now two points behind Füsche Berlin, as they won their game on Saturday against Lemgo with 30–26.

DYN Handball – Highlights: TSV Hannover-Burgdorf vs. SC Magdeburg