Denmark secures a semifinal spot – after drama in the final minutes

Denmark were the favorites in the quarterfinal against Montenegro, which took place in Herning. Even though Montenegro put pressure on Denmark, it wasn’t enough all the way. Denmark ultimately won the close battle with a score of 26–24 and is thus advancing to the semifinal against Norway, scheduled for Friday.

It was Denmark that had the better start, and after just over four minutes, the Danish team was leading 4–2. Montenegro took it easy in their offensive play, and soon the team caught up and surpassed Denmark. This quarterfinal was much closer than the match between Sweden and Germany, and the teams exchanged goals with each other.

After about 20 minutes, the score was tied at 8–8. Montenegro wanted to slow down the pace. Sandra Toft made a couple of crucial saves, allowing Denmark to make a small breakthrough.

Denmark also had the better start in the second half and extended their lead to 15–10. Montenegro had to fight much harder for their goals than Denmark did. Sandra Toft in Denmark’s goal grew more and more into the match. Of course, it helped Denmark to receive so many penalty throws, specifically seven of them.

With ten minutes remaining, Denmark was leading 22–19, and the match was far from decided. Montenegro did not let go of the game, and the home team was under pressure. Anne Mette Hansen scored 24–20 with just over five minutes left, but Montenegro reduced the deficit shortly after. With barely four minutes remaining, the Danish crowd stood up, attempting to cheer the Danes to victory. Itana Grbic received a suspension due to protests with just under three minutes left. When Kristina Jørgensen scored 26–23 with less than a minute remaining, the match was virtually decided.

Denmark–Montenegro 26–24 (13–10)

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