Quarter-finals next in U20 World Championship

Most of the top teams were on the safe side when the main round of the U20 World Cup finished on Tuesday evening. Portugal moved into the top eight with a win over Iceland and completed an all-European quarter-final line-up.

Portugal ruled with 26–25 when Constanca Sequeira found her own way to get revenge after a missed shot. A steal during Iceland´s final attack set the stage for Julia Figureira´s fast break goal.

North Macedonia was theoretically in the race before the last match  Main round match day. Instead, the hosts dropped one spot in the table and Montenegro managed to get past with 26–23.

Hungary ran away from Denmark, 31–23 and will enter the quarter-finals with a lot of self confidence. France has been equally impressive and turned down Sweden’s attempt, a small lead fot the yellow and blues turned out to be a solid win for the blues, 28–22.

The quarter-final programme, Thursday 27 June
(18.00) Hungary–Iceland
(18.00) Netherlands-Sweden
(20.30) Portugal–Denmark
(20.30) France-Switzerland