Henny Reistad and Nora Mørk show brought bronze to Esbjerg

Team Esbjerg reached the podium in Champions League 2023/24. A stellar performance from Henny Reistad followed by an impressive last leg from Nora Mørk cut off Metz HB by four goals, 37–33.

Both Esbjerg and Metz were back on track and didn’t miss a beat in the high-paced first half. Henny Reistad was ready to deliver power shots from the start, while Nora Mørk added perfect penalty execution for 7–4 as Esbjerg charged on.

Breakthroughs and fast breaks from Alina Grijseels were a good option for Metz, Kristina Jørgensen brought back court back-up and the French champion was soon back in the game.

Offensive quality and somewhat lacking defense characterized the first half. It wasn’t all force, Henny Reistad´s brilliant footwork produced no less than ten goals until 18–18 at half-time.

Metz´s plan for the rest of the third place-game obviously included closing down for Reistad´s dominance. Esbjerg replied with occasional opportunities for Sanna Solberg and Metz completed a lot of successful passes that reached the pivot Sarah Bouktit before another goal.

With 15 minutes to go the race was very much head to head. Esbjerg got a push after a timeout and Mørk made way for a two-goal-lead. 

Metz fell behind when Esbjerg´s defense made a much wanted recovery and stopped a few attacks. 

So far so good for the danish team, but the creative geniuses and Norwegian Powerhouses in Mørk and Reistad stood out, 13 goals each secured the revenge for Esbjerg.

Team Esbjerg–Metz HB 37–33 (18–18)