Simen Lyse set the tone as Kolstad secured the league title

In a thrilling match at Trondheim Spektrum on Saturday afternoon, Kolstad could finally erupt in celebration after a narrow 29–28 victory over Elverum. With six points more than their rivals and only two games left to play, Kolstad has secured the league title.

Kolstad has shown strength throughout the season, and Saturday’s encounter was no exception. After a tight first half where Kolstad led by just one goal at halftime, the excitement continued into the second half of the match. With only a minute left on the clock and the teams still evenly matched, it was a moment of decision. Both teams had the opportunity from the penalty spot, but it was Kolstad who managed to keep their composure and put the ball in the net, securing the victory with a narrow lead of 29–28.

Simen Lyse stood out as the home team’s star player, finishing as the game’s top scorer with an impressive ten goals. His contribution has been invaluable to Kolstad throughout the season, and his ability to find the back of the net has been a crucial factor in the team’s success. With the league title in hand and a top scorer like Lyse, Kolstad seems to have set the standard for Norwegian handball this season.