Thrilling showdown in Berlin: draw between Switzerland and France

The Euro Championship match between France and Switzerland offered a handball spectacle with suspense lingering until the very last moment. The match ended in a draw, meaning Switzerland secured their first point.

After the Faroe Islands surprisingly secured a point against Norway on Saturday evening, Berlin hosted Sunday’s drama between Switzerland and France. France, who impressed with a 39-29 victory over North Macedonia in the opening match, faced tough resistance from a determined Swiss team.

Switzerland, having suffered a loss in the first round, displayed a completely different attitude and kept pace with France in the first 30 minutes. Lukas Laube was a key player for Switzerland, scoring an impressive 10 goals. Nikola Portner also played a crucial role with nine saves.

The final minutes of the match were a nail-biter. However, neither Melvyn Richardson’s missed seven-meter throw or Samir Bellahcene’s save prevented the match from ending in a 26–26 draw.

Switzerland–France 26–26 (14–14)

Men’s EHF Euro, January 14th:
Group A:
North Macedonia–Germany 25–34 (13–18)
Group B:
Romania–Spain 24–36 (12–17)
Croatia–Austria 28–28 (14–12)
Group C:
Montenegro–Iceland 30–31 (15–17)
Serbia–Hungary 27–28 (13–14)