France through to semifinal

Despite having much more experience from important games, France didn’t pull the strings as expected against Austria. Second half was well underway when France managed to pull away towards 33–28.

France secured the semifinal spot, but it took several minutes of fierce tactical action to wear Austria down.

After 30 minutes of fierce tactical action 

Janko Bozovic who was out of the squad returned to the field and scored the first goal for Austria. It was another spectacular start from the underdog who led the way to 7–5 after ten minutes.

Hugo Descat and Dika Mem put France on the right track with fast breaks and intricate passing patterns. 

Austria was disturbed by several technical faults but managed to stay within the range of the leading team. Mikola Bilyk supported the team from backcourt and Austria mastered the seven-against-six action perfectly to a narrow half-time lead.

France was under pressure but turned the table with a 3–0-run. Still, it continued up and down for the favourite, who was held back by iffy penalty execution.

With ten minutes to go, Austria got close again (27–26). France played with surplus towards the end when Kentin Mahé entered the pitch and the presence of Nikola Karabatic made the Austrian defense crumble.

France can prepare for the final weekend, while Austria awaits a crucial match-up on Wednesday. Whether victory against Iceland is enough to take the success story to semifinal depend on other results.

France–Austria 33–28 (15–16)