Jacobsen presents danish gross squad

Denmark is one of the early favorites for the EC in Germany. Now the national team captain Nikolaj Jacobsen has also presented his gross squad for the championship.

Sweden enters the European Championships in Germany as reigning champions. But one of the main contenders for another title is the Danish national team, coming off their gold in the World Cup earlier this year.

In the past few days, the national team captain Nikolaj Jacobsen has also presented his gross squad for the championship. The squad, which contains 35 players, is free from gossip and gossip about the enormous breadth that Danish handball currently possesses.

– Our gross squad is an expression of the great breadth that exists in Danish men’s handball. Our clubs are good at developing new talent and at the same time we have plenty of experience to draw from. It bodes well for the EC, says Nikolaj Jacobsen to the association’s website.

Denmark’s gross squad for European Championship 2024:

Niklas Landin, Aalborg Handbold
Emil Nielsen, FC Barcelona
Kevin Møller, Flensburg-Handewitt
Jannick Green, Paris Saint-Germain
Simon Gade, Hanover-Burgdorf

Emil Jakobsen, Flensburg-Handewitt
Magnus Landin, THW Kiel
Hans Lindberg, Füchse Berlin
Johan Hansen, Flensburg-Handewitt
Casper U. Mortensen, HSV Hamburg
Patrick Wiesmach, Aalborg Handbold
Bjarke Christensen, KIF Kolding
Frederik Bo Andersen, HSV Hamburg

Magnus Saugstrup, Magdeburg
Lukas Jørgensen, Flensburg-Handewitt
Simon Hald, Aalborg
Anders Zachariassen, GOG
Alexander Lynggaard, Bjerringbro-Silkeborg
Henrik Toft Hansen, Mors-Thy Håndbold

Back players:
Mikkel Hansen, Aalborg Handbold
Simon Pytlick, Flensburg-Handewitt
Aaron Mensing, GOG
Michael Damgaard, SC Magdeburg
Lasse Andersson, Füchse Berlin
Rasmus Lauge, Bjerringbro-Silkeborg
Mads Mensah Larsen, Flensburg-Handewitt
Mathias Gidsel, Füchse Berlin
Niclas Kirkeløkke, Rhein-Neckar Löwen
Emil Madsen, GOG
Henrik Møllgaard, Aalborg Handbold
Jacob Holm, Paris Saint-Germain
Nikolaj Læsø, Porto
Mads Hoxer, Aalborg Handbold
Jacob Lassen, HSV Hamburg
Lasse Møller, Flensburg-Handewitt