WC: Norwegian thrashing – despite the slow start

Home ground and heavy favourites. Then Norway went out and drove over Greenland with a whopping 43-11. This despite the fact that the match was actually even – at first.

Norway is one of three host countries during the World Cup and on Wednesday evening the reigning world champions began their tournament against the supposed punching bag Greenland.

With a rarely seen favourite, the Norwegians entered the court, but the Greenlanders caused some problems in the lead-up to the match and much depended on the seven-on-six game,

This left Greenland also only trailing by 6-8 after ten minutes of play – but then Norway decided to put an end to the microscopic drama that had been created.

At half time the score was 19-7 and after 60 minutes of play the home team had outscored to 43-11. In the Norwegian team, winger Camilla Herrem was top scorer with her seven goals, while superstars Nora Mörk and Katrine Lunde were missing.

But, in other words, the break was not noticeable significantly and the Norwegian team are still big favorites for the group victory before the other group stage matches against Austria and South Korea.

Women’s World Championship, 29 Nov:
Brazil – Ukraine 35–20 (17–10)
South Korea – Austria 29–30 (12–16)
Norway – Greenland 43–11 (19–7)
Spain – Kazakhstan 34–17 (14–8)