Sweden hold off Senegal in convulsive game

Sweden was the big favorite against Senegal.
But even though it was a convulsive story, Tomas Axnér’s team was finally able to win with a comfortable 26–18.

Sweden got the start they had hoped for in the WC with the opening victory against China. Thus, there were high expectations before the second match against Senegal.

However, there was no sound and jubilant performance for the home team, who had big problems with Senegal, who did everything to slow down the pace.

This also meant that Sweden could not create a gap and at half time they were in the lead with a narrow 14-12.

The second half also began as the first ended – with an even and physical game. But just when the crowd was getting ready for a nail-biter, the Swedes played up their game.

Johanna Bundsen started to save more and more (and got more help from the defense), which led to Nathalie Hagman, Jamina Roberts and the others in the Swedish team being able to run away and when the hoarse Fredrik sounded for the last time the scoreboard showed a comfortable 26-18 in Sweden favor.

The end result means that Sweden is practically ready for the upcoming main round. Senegal, in turn, hopes for Swedish help in Tuesday’s meeting with Croatia.

Senegal–Sweden 18–26 (12–14)