List: The best pivots at the 2023 World Championship

The 2023 World Championship is getting closer and in a series of articles Ola Selby, reporter at GoHandball, picks his 5 best players at each position. Next up: The pivots.

Here are the players:

Linn Blohm, Sweden

Blohm has not scored goals at the same rate for Györ during the season as we are used to seeing but on the other hand, the competition for the pivot spot in the Hungarian super team is something else: Kari Brattset Dale and Yvette Broch also wants to play. But when Blohm gets the ball it often ends up in the net. And in the national team, everyone knows that Blohm will deliver. 

Pauletta Foppa, France

Pauletta Foppa of France. Photo: Mathilda Ahlberg / BILDBYRÅN

In my opinion the best pivot in the world. Was named just that during the Euros last year and nowadays she is just as great defensively as she if offensively. She has no real weaknesses in her game and what’s frightening about that is that Foppa is only 22 years old. 

Kari Brattset Dale, Norway

Kari Brattset Dale of Norway. Photo: Mathilda Ahlberg / BILDBYRÅN

The pivot has come back in great fashion after becoming a mom and is once again one of the best players in her position. She is big, strong, and with surprisingly quick feet. Dale has been one of the best for several years and I guess that she will continue to be that until she decides to end her career. 

Kathrine Heindahl, Denmark

Kathrine Heindahl of Denmark. Photo: Christoffer Borg Mattisson / BILDBYRÅN

Heindahl is not as great offensively as she is defensively, but overall a great player. Heindahl is one of the toughest players in the world, maybe the toughest, and a real key player for the Danish national team. She was named best defensive player a year ago at the Euros.

Yvette Broch, Netherlands

Yvette Broch. Photo: Carl Sandin / Bildbyrån.

Is not quite back at the same level as she played at a few years ago but still a solid two-way player that can do it all. Her role got bigger when Freriks got injured but Broch is off course ready for it with all of her experiment.