France are heading to the final after humiliating win over Sweden

Sweden had conceded the fewest goals per match during the WC. But then France went and scored 19 – in the first half. Such numbers are rarely enough to advance to the finals and so also this time, where France is in the final after their 37–28 victory.

The Swedish team came to the semi-final against France with wind in their sails after an impressive tournament – where the quarter-final against Germany stood out. But Friday night’s match barely had time to start before Sweden was in serious trouble.

Laura Glauser and the French defense got a good hold on Sweden and in the defensive it was a regular collapse from the Swedes. This also made France lead by as much as 10–2 when Tomas Axnér took his second timeout after twelve minutes of play.

But even though Sweden had a decent period after the timeout, they were 11-19 behind after 30 minutes of play.

The rapture

In the second half, Sweden performed significantly, both offensively and defensively. This made it possible to stop the bleeding a little.

But despite a clearly better second half, there was never really close to being any real tension or contact. Instead, Olivier Krumbholz could see his French team hold on and win with a comfortable 37–28.

The loss means that Sweden will have to focus on reloading for Sunday’s bronze medal match against home nation Denmark, a match that will be played at 16:00 (CET). For the French part, it will be another final where Norway is the opposition. This in a match that starts at 18:00 (CET).

Sweden–France 28–37 (11–19)