Eight teams have qualified for the main round

The World Championship is in full swing, and yesterday eight matches were decided. This means that several teams are now qualified for the main round. Below is a brief summary of the matches in each group.

Group B

Hungary got off to the best start and established an insurmountable lead against Cameroon. Zsofi Szemerey in Hungary´s goal had a 43 procent save rate in the first half, preventing Cameroon from catching up. On the other hand, Cameroon improved their offensive play compared to the opening match against Montenegro, where they only scored two goals in the first half. The match was virtually decided, but Hungary continued to score goals and eventually won by 19 goals. Hungary is now qualified for the main round.

Paraguay started energetically and troubled Montenegro for a while. Lack of focus was the basis for Montenegro´s struggle. A two-goal deficit for Paraguay (15–17) after 30 minutes did not seem insurmountable, and the South Americans started the second half with the determination to turn things around. However, in the second half, Montenegro had complete control and eventually pulled away. Montenegro is now qualified for the main round.

Group D

The first half between Slovenia and Angola was a low-scoring affair. Both teams were characterized by lack of focus and sloppiness in both the defensive and the offensive. However, after a while, the teams settled into the game, and concentration increased. In the second half, Angola took command immediately and increased the pace slightly. However, Slovenia soon caught up and surpassed them, and Angola never recovered. Slovenia is now qualified for the main round.

In the first half against Iceland, France dominated. The French team displayed effective defensive play, leading to several counterattacks following weak shot attempts and technical errors on Iceland´s part. However, in the second half, Iceland played evenly with France. The French team was not as dominant, and their offensive plack lacked the same systematic approach. Elín Jóna Thorsteinsdóttir significantly contributed to Iceland staying competitive in the second half. Nevertheless, the advantage France had gained in the first half was enough for them to secure a victory. France has qualified for the main round.

Group F

Germany secured a convincing victory over Islamic Republic Of Iran, despite a somewhat tentative start with mistakes and missed shots. However, Germany remained composed and soon pulled away. Islamic Republic Of Iran used a seven-on-six tactic in attack, taking out their goalkeeper, but they were not quick enough to reintegrate the goalkeeper into the goal. Germany capitalized on this and scored multiple times into the open net. The outcome of the match was almost decided in the second half, allowing Germany to comfortably secure the win. Germany has qualified for the main round.

Japan began the match strongly, with Natsuki Aizawa’s pace causing difficulties for Poland´s defenders. The teams played evenly and stayed closely matched. It was only in the second half that Poland managed to pull ahead. Poland wouldn´t have achieved this lead without goalkeeper Adrianna Placzek, who saved four penalties and had a 32 procent saving efficiency throughout the match. However, Japan quickly retaliated, employing a seven-on-six strategy, which immediately paid off. Nevertheless, Poland ultimately had the upper hand and qualified for the main round.

Group H

It was not a good start for Congo, who quickly fell behind by four goals. Tess Lieder made several saves, and it took five minutes for Congo to score the first goal. The Netherlands took command and had full control of the match. In the second half, the game was virtually decided, and the Netherlands could relax for moments. The Netherlands have qualified for the main round.

Czechia´s top player, Marketa Jeřábková, opened the game with two easy goals and set the tone for what was about to follow. However, Argentina quickly updated their defensive system, forcing Czechia to create other avenues to the goal. As Czechia began to master both their defensive and offensive strategies, Argentina started to feel pressure, resorting to shots which did not have a high chance to go in. Czechia maintained their pace and encountered no significant issues in the second half, emerging victorious from the encounter. Czechia has qualified for the the main round.

Women´s World Championship, 2 Dec:
Group B:
Hungary–Cameroon 39–20 (18–8)
Paraguay–Montenegro 26–41 (15–17)

Group D:
Slovenia–Angola 30–24 (14–11)
Iceland–France 22–31 (10–20)

Group F:
Islamic Republic Of Iran–Germany 22–45 (12–25)
Poland–Japan 32–30 (15–15)

Group H:
Congo–Netherlands 20–40 (9–20)
Czechia–Argentina 31–22 (16–10)