Confirmed: Lunde joins the Norwegian squad

Katrine Lunde has had injury problems before the World Cup . But now the Norwegian association announces that the star goalkeeper is ready to play. The same goes for Nora Mørk, who plays in Sunday’s meeting with South Korea.

Championships usually mean a “fight against the clock” for several players who are having injury problems. This time it has mainly been about Norway’s star goalkeeper Katrine Lunde, who has been out with muscle problems in recent weeks.

The 43-year-old was not present when Norway played for the first time against Greenland, but on Sunday the Norwegian confederation announced that Lunde is ready for the game and will be part of the match squad against South Korea on Sunday evening.

Lunde will form the goalkeeping lineup alongside Silje Solberg-Østhassel and Olivia Lykke Nygaard. Thus, Marie Davidsen gets to travel home to Bergen to be a reserve at home.

In Sunday’s match, Lunde will form a goalkeeper pair together with Olivia Lykke Nygaard. At the same time, the association announces that right-handed Nora Mørk is ready to play and will be part of the squad against South Korea.

Source: Norwegian federation