Confirmed: Here is the referee pairs of the semi-finals

The semi-finals is nearing and everything indicates that there will be dramatic games. Now it has also been confirmed which referee pairs that will get the chance to be in charge of the games.

Sweden will try to secure a long-awaited final ticket – but first France must be passed on Friday evening. This in a match where a lot speaks for a real drama.

Now it is also clear that it will be the Germans Tanja Kuttler and Maike Merz who will judge the match, something that was confirmed by the IHF during Friday morning.

In the semi-final between Norway and Denmark, it will be the Bosnian brothers Amar and Dino Konjicanin who will be in charge.

This means, among other things, that the Danish pair of referees Jesper and Mads Hansen, who have been praised for their efforts during the tournament, will not referee any of the semifinals. Instead, they are given responsibility for the placement match between Montenegro and the Netherlands.

Source: IHF