Denmark ready for Euro 2024

Denmark became the first team to reach the year-end championship via qualification. Netherlands, Romania and Sweden is fast approaching after clear Wednesday wins in undefeated style.

Denmark had no contention with just two opponents in group A. Solid figures, plus 27 and 21 in victory margin against Kosovo made Jesper Jensen´s team line up for a deciding game against Poland. The home advantage in Lublin played out to some extent and Poland had some hope until the end. 

As Line Haugsted ruled in defense and Anne Mette Hansen could improve the attacking level after the break Denmark could overtake with 26–22 at the final whistle.

Jamina Roberts spurred Sweden to a solid, 37–24 triumph where the guests were just better than their nordic neighbor Iceland during the final 40 minutes. 

Romania fought off Croatia with 26–24 and owed a lot of credit to the Lorena Ostase. The pivot scored on every available chance with nine goals in all.

The big battle between Czechia and Netherlands wasn’t unravelled until the final minutes. Netherlands hit the mark and extended their lead to three goals with Dionne Housheer and Lois Abbingh as active scorers. Time ran out for Czechia who really put up a fight, Marketa Jerabkova was the star in the home team with nine goals.

Netherlands, Romania and Sweden need just one more win to secure their Euro ticket and could arrange it before the week is over. 

Euro 2024 qualification
Group 1, Romania–Croatia 26–24 (13–11)
Bosnia and Hercegovina–Greece 22–24 (8-12)
Group 2, Slovakia–Israel 31–22 (16–9)
Group 3, Czechia–Netherlands 29–30 (16–18)
Group 5, Azerbaijan–Lithuania 35-33 (18–18)
Group 6, Bulgaria–Türkiye 24–30 (12–13)
Group 7, Luxembourg–Faroe Islands 16-34 (9–16)
Iceland–Sweden 24–37 (12-17)
Group 8, Poland–Denmark 22–26 (9–11)