Elche reached European Cup-throne

BM Elche broke a barrier and brought home the first ever club title. MKS Michalovce was stopped  by solid, spanish defense over two games and the return gave very little opening for an overturn.

Elche is involved in two finals over a short period of time. Next week, the Spanish gold is up for grabs as the club battles with Super Amara Bera Bera. The first goal of the last few months already belongs to the club, who ruled against all European contenders in 2023/24.

A two-goal-advantage from the start in the away game was enough to control the match development and 15–10 at half-time in Michalovce deferred all doubts.

Tessa van Zijl and Danila So Delgado found the net in high-frequent mode, So Delgado also clinched the top scorer title of the whole EC with 64 goals.

MKS Michalovce–BM Elche 22–28 (10–15)
Elche win 50–42 on aggregate