Elche grabbed narrow lead in European Cup

A tight game with excellent goalkeeping opened up for an exciting return duel between BM Elche and MKS Iuventa Michalovce. The Slovakian side will have to come back from 20–22 next weekend, Elche reached a small advantage in their home game.

Nicole Morales, Marisol Carratu and Naira Mendes De Almeida took control of the game development in the first final. That is the goalkeepers for the respective teams who didn’t allow any easy openings for either side. 

Michalovce had 10–7 with just minutes to go of the first half but a final push from Elche meant 11–10 on the board before the break. Elche managed to overturn another away advantage in the second half and concluded the first act with a margin of two-three goals.

The low-scoring outcome means that there is room for improvement in effectivity in the deciding game. Pipy Wolfs in Elche and Patricia Wollingerova for Michalovce produced five goals each in the opening act.

BM Elche– MKS Michalovce 22–20 (11–10)