Laura Flippes back in Metz

Metz HB and CSM Bucharest have completed a player switch. Laura Flippes rejoins the French club as a three-year-contract comes into effect.

In very recent news, Alina Grijseels was presented as a newcomer in CSM Bucharest. The transfer was only one part of the bigger picture. Flippes moves in the other direction, after intense negotiations with all concerned parties.

– It’s an extraordinary blow. She (Flippes) is a booming player and has won many titles with the French team. We were able to recruit her thanks to excellent collaboration with Bucharest., says Metz president  Thierry Weizman to L´Equipe Lorrain.

After the olympics in Paris, Flippes will commence her eight season in the yellow and blue jersey. Though, the thought process behind the return required some consideration. 

–It was not an easy decision to make, I had signed a two-year contract in Bucharest, it was a complicated choice to end my contract but I am very happy with this new adventure that is offered to me. I have won a lot of national titles with Metz handball so to begin with I would like to be able to win more, says Flippes to the club webpage.

Metz mentions Flippes as the last bit of the puzzle in the 2024/25 squad.