Györ maintains unbeaten streak, secures 11th victory in WHC Buducnost showdown

In a crucial showdown yesterday, between WHC Buducnost BEMAX and Györi Audi ETO KC, Buducnost faced their last chance to secure points and keep their playoff aspirations alive. However, Györ, having already secured a quarterfinal spot, aimed to maintain their unbeaten record.

The match began with an impressive performance from Györ, quickly establishing an 8–3 lead by the 12th minute. Despite the tough start, Buducnost displayed a resilient effort, narrowing the gap to just one goal, 10–9. Unfortunately for the Montenegrin team, Györ managed to regroup and retained control of the game until the final whistle.

Under the guidance of coach Ulrik Kirkely, Györ rotated their squad impressively, with twelve players contributing goals during the match. Ana Gros stood out as the top scorer with five goals, reflecting the impressive versatility of Györ’s attack.

Györi Audi ETO KC thus continues their impressive winning streak, extending it to eleven consecutive victories in as many matches this season. The team once again showcased their superiority by professionally and respectfully controlling the game.

WHC Buducnost BEMAX–Györi Audi ETO KC 21–29 (13–17)

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