CL: Ikast challenges top duo

Champions League passed the penultimate round of the group stage with some questions still unanswered round. One play-off spot is still up for grabs and the quarterfinal spots won’t be fully distributed until next game week. 

In group B, Ikast HB upset Metz HB for the second time this season. Markets Jerabkova´s eleven goals took the home team a long way and the five goal lead seemed solid in the second half. Metz came closer with a chance to equalize in the final attack, but a technical fault left the French champions without points, 35–34 on the board.

Ikast thus made a push for top two, just one point behind Metz and Team Esbjerg. Ferencvaros defended the last play-off position and Rapid Bucharest face the tough task having to beat Esbjerg in game 14 to advance.

CSM Bucharest defeated SG BBM Bietigheim and remains in contention in the quarterfinal race in group A. Cristina Neagu and Emilie Hegh Arntzen were productive with six and five goals respectively to put CSM in a big lead already in the first half.

Odense HB versus CSM Bucharest on Sunday is a direct final with a quarter-final ticket to play for, Bucharest has to win to pass their danish opponent. Bietigheim seems out of shape with just one victory in the last eight games.

Brest Bretagne controlled the action towards IK Sävehof with multiple saves by Katharina Filter as a treat. This means either third or fourth place for Brest in the forthcoming summary.

Champions League
Group A, Brest Bretagne–IK Sävehof 28–23 (10–9)
CSM Bucharest–SG BBM Bietigheim 31–28 (17–10)
Group B, Ikast HB–Metz HB 35–34 (18–16)