Broch set to end career: “Very difficult decision”

Györ continues to announce squad news for the upcoming season. But the Hungarian powerhouse will have to prepare for a life without Yvette Broch, who will retire after the season at the age of 33. 
– I feel the time has come to end my career once and for all in the summer, she says to the club’s website

Yvette Broch paused her career between 2018 and 2020 due to exhaustion. After a few seasons in other clubs the Dutch pivot returned to Györ in 2022, but during the summer Broch is set to end her career for good. 

– It was a very difficult decision, but I feel the time has come to end my career once and for all in the summer. A few years ago, I would not have thought that I would retire from Győr, the ETO. I’m happy to be here and I wake up every day thinking we have to do something really big with the girls, Broch says to the club’s website. 

In addition to Broch it has also been confirmed that the club has decided to not extend the contracts with Nadine Szöllősi-Schatzl and Rinka Duijndam. 

On a positive note Györ also confirms that they have reached an agreement to activate an option in the contract of Ryu Eun Hee, who will stay for at least one more season. 

Source: Györ Handball