The team plays with one less on the pitch – two players were denied visas

For the first time since 2018, Zimbabwe is represented in the Partille World Cup, and this time with two teams. However, one of the teams is playing with one player less on the field. Two players didn’t get visas.
– We hope the players can come eventually, but we don’t know anything, says the coach of Mashrhino Sports Academy’s Boys 13 team.

Mashrhino Sports Academy traveled to the Partille World Cup with two teams: one in the Girls 12 class and one in the Boys 13 class. However, on their way to Sweden, two players from the Boys 13 team received the unfortunate news that their visas had not been issued in time, and thus they were not allowed to play.

– The Swedish embassy in Zimbabwe doesn’t issue visas. Therefore, we had to apply for visas in Kenya, but due to a strike, we didn’t get visas for all the players in time. We hope the players can come eventually, but we don’t know anything, says the team’s coach.

The loss of players meant that the squad was reduced from eight players to six, one too few for a full team. But in the team’s match against Fjellhammer, the Norwegians chose to play the entire second half with only six players on the field.

– It was good sportsmanship from them because, as you can imagine, playing with one player less all the time is always tough.

Photo: Gunilla Mattsson

Despite four losses in four matches, the players keep their spirits up. Nenyasha Makase tells GoHandball that he enjoys every moment and that it is very fun to play matches.

– Being here only brings us joy. It’s like being in heaven, says the player.

And the coach is not too dissatisfied either.

– We have enjoyed every second here. The players are learning a lot. Some things my players are doing on the field now they have learned from other teams while playing.