Lina helps injured players: “There are many of us who can help.”

4,750 handball matches involve hundreds of thousands of different types of impacts and collisions, and sometimes they result in injuries. Luckily, in a tent between all the fields people are ready to help.
– Most come with injuries such as scrapes and open wounds, says Lina, who works at the First Aid tent for GoHandball.

Handball is a tough sport, and playing on slippery grass increases the risk of various injuries. Lina, a trained nursing assistant, is on site to help if injuries occur this week at the First Aid tent.

– It’s been nice and enjoyable, but we’ve had quite a few injuries, she says.

Currently, eight people are ready to assist injured individuals in the tent, but no patients. At the moment, handball players on the wet grass seem to be avoiding injuries.

The staff in the tent are practicing taping each other’s wrists. Photo: Gunilla Mattsson

– I’ve been taking care of between five to ten people per day. There are many people in the tent who can help, says Lina.

During the Partille World Cup, players from 38 different countries have not been a problem for the group, where many are multilingual. However, the large number of people on the heath and on the pedestrian street outside the tent can create other problems.

– We have equipment here to help people in acute situations, but if someone feels really bad and needs transportation, it can be very difficult considering where we are and how many people there are, says Lina.

Nurse Lina working in the tent. Photo: Gunilla Mattsson

So far this week, most of the people who have come to the tent have needed help with various forms of wounds and need to be patched up, but it is not uncommon for knee injuries, sprains, or someone feeling unwell.

– Just come if you need to patch yourself up, get something in your eye, or feel unwell and just want to get it checked out. We help and guide people, concludes Lina.