GOG won against GOG – Sävehof secured their fourth gold in the Partille World Cup

Partille World Cup is nearing its end. In the Girls and Boys 18 finals, two teams dominated their matches. Sävehof won the final against Skanderborg after a brilliant defensive performance, and GOG 1 defeated GOG 2 after dominating the Boys 18 tournament.

Sävehof’s journey to the final in Girls 18 has been tough. Already in the group stage, the Partille team defeated Oure, which later made it to the semifinals. The final was played against Skanderborg HB, a club that has made it a routine to play in finals at the Partille World Cup.

It was the home team that started the match best, in a first half that was not the most well-played 20 minutes by either team. However, the Partille club managed to create a four-goal lead by halftime thanks to brilliant defensive play.

The dominant defensive effort continued in the second half, and the team conceded only four goals in total during the last 20 minutes. The Partille club played maturely and controlled the match entirely. The final score was 17–8, and the Girls 18 team thereby secured the club’s fourth gold medal.

GOG. Photo: Helene Holmberg

GOG dominated the Boys 18 category

On the adjacent pitch, the Boys 18 final between GOG and GOG was played simultaneously. Denmark completely dominated the Boys 18 category as four out of four teams in the semifinals were from Denmark.

The match itself was not played like the training match the spectators might have expected, as taunts, mind games, and emotions were common. GOG 1 showed early on which team was in control and dominated the match completely. The final score was 17–11.