Elverum advances in the playoffs – talent showed the way

The playoffs are now underway. At Heden, matches filled with top teams and their stars are being played. Elverum’s Boys 16 team is no exception. With the talented Einar Johansen at the helm, the team won their first playoff match against the Spanish team CD Puertosol.

It’s now do or die. For the team to go far, the stars in each team must perform. One of the talents who stepped up in the team’s first playoff match was Elverum Håndball’s Einar Johansen. The 16-year-old is a playmaker and was listed by Göteborgs-Posten before the tournament as one of 14 talents to watch.

At Heden 3, Elverum, one of Norway’s best teams in their age group, played against the Spanish team CD Puertosol. Johansen started the match strong, scoring the team’s first three goals, and Elverum, who brought two evenly matched teams to the tournament, quickly established a lead.

To stop the fast and skillful Norwegians, Puertosol tried everything. Both offensive defense and man-marking Einar Johansen, but today the team could not stop their opponents. Elverum won 20–11 and will play their round of sixteen match at 14:15 on Heden 10.