Arca Esportes has lost both their matches – but remains happiest on the pitch

One of the teams that traveled the farthest this year to participate in the Partille World Cup is Brazilian Arca Esportes. Approximately 10,500 kilometers from their hometown São Paulo, the team played their second match against IK Sävehof – the team that traveled the shortest distance.
– It’s a fantastic opportunity to do what we do and represent our country, says Julia Latorre.

In this year’s edition of the Partille World Cup, 24 teams from Brazil are participating. One of them is the Girls 16 team ARCA ESPORTES from São Paulo. The team is here for the first time and played two matches on Tuesday, one against Täby and the other against IK Sävehof.

In the match against Sävehof, the teams started evenly, but the well-coached Partille team gained a slight advantage halfway through the first half. Despite being behind at halftime, it was the Brazilian bench that seemed the happiest. And that continued into the second half. The team ultimately lost the match 19-12, but they celebrated the most, which the team themselves thought was obvious.

– Of course we’re happy, we’re here and gaining experience. Moreover, every friend we make along the way makes it much more enjoyable, says player Júlia Mourão.

– It’s a bit nerve-wracking since it’s our first time here, but so far it’s been great.

From left: Júlia Mourão, Clara Ramos and Julia Latorre. Photo: Fredrik Montalvo

The team has played two matches so far, but unfortunately, both have ended in defeat.

– We’re doing our best, and that’s all we can do. We also know that the teams we’re playing against have been playing much longer than us, so we’re just doing what we can and what we love, says Clara Ramos.

The journey from São Paulo took the team 24 hours, with a layover in Zürich before flying to Stockholm and finally taking a train to Gothenburg, but the girls were clear that it was worth it.

– It’s a fantastic opportunity to do what we do and represent our country. To have the opportunity to share this with other teams and the teams that live at the same school as us. We’re really looking forward to going there (to school) now, says Julia Latorre.

Photo: Gunilla Mattsson