Media: Sävehof closes in on new Faroese signing

During Friday, it became clear that Felix Möller will leave Sävehof after the season. But the replacement may already have been found. Information claims that the Faroese national team member Isak Vedelsbøl will join the club during the summer.

Felix Möller’s move to Aalborg has been in the works for a while and on Friday the parties announced that they had reached an agreement and that the middle six will move to Denmark during the summer,

It didn’t take long before Swedish news outlet Aftonbladet stated that they have already found a replacement in the Faroese national team player Isak Vedelsbøl from H71, where Óli Mittún and Elias Skipagøtu, among others, also received their handball training before moving on to Sävehof.

Vedelsbøl is a well-built player, who with his 196 centimeters offers important physique for his team. Aftonbladet also states that Vedelsbøl will sign a long contract with the club, but when the newspaper spoke to sporting director Jonathan Stenbäcken, he did not want to comment on a possible deal.

Source: Aftonbladet