All star teams in Swedish league announced

Many of the best players in ´Handbollsligan´ are occupied with the last weeks of final action. Still, the individual awards has been presented after a vote among the top flight coaches and various journalists.

Alexandra Bjärrenholt´s status as MVP was unthreatened (84 percent in the vote), even though Skuru IK had an early in the semifinals. Bjärrenholt also collected prizes as best centre back and top scorer in the league. IK Sävehof (Nina Koppang – best right back) and Önnereds HK (Jenny Sandgren – best goalkeeper and Evelina Källhage – best right wing) face off the final.

– It´s hard to say why I got so many votes. But I have a huge role in my team and we play in a way that suits me fine, says Bjärrenholt to the league webpage.

In the men’s all star-assembly, seven of eleven awards went to players who participate in the final duel. IK Sävehof´s Felix Möller (pivot), Michael Apelgren (coach) and Simon Möller (goalkeeper and MVP) compete against Ystads IF´s Oskar Joelsson (left wing) and Philip Stenmalm (defender) starting Monday evening.

– We have incredibly many players in our team that step up but at different occasions. All can´t be the best in evert game.

– I interpret the vote of the jury that we have a broad team, says Möller to

All Star Team, Handbollsligan Women
Goalkeeper: Jenny Sandgren, Önnereds HK
Left wing: Melanie Felber, Skara HF
Pivot: Maja Hedberg, Kristianstad HK
Right wing: Evelina Källhage, Önnereds HK
Left back:  Elma Örtemark, Skövde HF
Centre back: Alexandra Bjärrenholt, Skuru IK
Right back: Nina Koppang, IK Sävehof
Defender: Alma Skretting, H65 Höör
Coach: Magnus Frisk, Skara HF
Top scorer: Alexandra Bjärrenholt, Skuru IK
MVP: Alexandra Bjärrenholt, Skuru IK

All Star Team, Handbollsligan Men
Goalkeeper: Simon Möller, IK Sävehof
Left wing: Emil Frend Öfors, IFK Kristianstad
Pivot: Felix Möller, IK Sävehof
Right wing: Jonas Samuelsson, IFK Skövde
Left back: Oskar Joelsson, Ystads IF
Centre back: Oli Mittún, IK Sävehof
Right back: Edwin Aspenbäck, Hammarby IF
Defender: Philip Stenmalm, Ystads IF
Coach: Michael Apelgren, IK Sävehof
Top scorer: Axel Månsson, Lugi HF & Jonas Samuelsson, IFK Skövde
MVP: Simon Möller, IK Sävehof