Torrelavega and Barca meet in Copa del Rey final

Three rounds over the weekend decide the winner in prestigious Copa del Rey. Having won the last ten editions, Barca is the forceful favourite, only Torrelavega remain in contest with the blue, red and yellow star team.

Looking at the Asobal table, Barca ended ten positions and 34 ponts ahead of the Sunday competitor. But Torrelavega has managed to stir the pot twice in the last few round. 

Cuenca (31–30 in the quarterfinal) and even La Rioja (29–28 in the semifinal) was outscored by the orange squad. A ticket to Europe has already been awarded to Marko Jurkovic, Mikolaj Czaplinski and other goal-producing teammates of Torrelavega. 

For Barca, only the title is good enough and 42–26 in the quarterfinals against Morrazo Cangas was a stepping stone.

– In the quarterfinals there was an incredible atmosphere in the pavilion and I had a great time, I always try to take advantage of the minutes they give me,” said eight time goalscorer Djordje Cikusa according to Mundo Deportivo.

Asobal vice champion Bidasoa Irún put up a better fight but Barca fared four goals better and reached the final after 32–28. Dika Mem and Aleix Gómez made sure that the reigning champion ruled from a nine goal lead during the first half.