Barca won jubilee game

Barca ran away from Puente Genil in a hardly surprising turn of events. A presentation just before the game in Palau Blaugrana still underlined the historical background, the team in red, yellow and blue played their 1,000th match in Liga Asobal.

Hampus Wanne who scored seven times and Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas with efficient saves (56 percent) were among the stars of the league game Saturday, as the club became the first to reach 1 000 top flight games.

Barca has had many top player in its squad who made the 30 Asobal title possible.

There will very likely be another title as the first place is solid with seven points margin with nine games to go in the spring.

The presence of the team in the elite league since 1990/91 can only be overshadowed by the fact that Barca has won more than 900 of the matches in question, according to the league webpage.

Barca–Puente Genil 32–18 (14–7)