Barca secured first place in Liga Asobal

Barca´s title race for 2023/14 is done in the Spanish League. After 25 of 30 rounds, the blue and reds is out of reach for any contender, 40–37 versus Granollers was the final step to defend the crown.

The catalan derby served a quality background for the dominance of Barca this season. Though in won’t be all victories, 49 points in the first 25 games was enough to distance all other teams.

That includes the current third, Granollers who stepped up to the mark in a goal-seeking performance. Melvyn Richardson with eleven goals, including good penalty execution was Barca’s best productive option, breakthroughs from Dika Mem also helped the home team towards the goal.

Barca have already reached for titles in 2024/25, the Super Cup in both Iberia and Catalonia plus Copa Espana preceded the league triumph. 

There might be two more as Copa del Rey and of course Champions League stays in the schedule for the star team.

All in all, Barca has won Liga Asobal 31 times, last 14 in a row.